TWR presents you as premium accessories the different insertion panels made of acrylic, vinyl-wood and brushed aluminum, allowing you to have in a single rack all these materials. You can combine your favorite colors and textures or simply have in a rack only the color or texture that you like.

The panels (acrylic, vinyl-wood and brushed aluminum) come in packs of four each. With this amount you make sure you have the fourth panel that you will need when attaching the Racks horizontally (from side to side).

This sophisticated modular shelf for wine storage can expand as much as you want, vertically or horizontally and you gain space to place more bottles. If you attach a rack horizontally, from side to side, right in the joining space, automatically create three new places, to then go from 9 to 12. In that new space is where you use the fourth panel that comes in the package. (See installation manual).

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