1. Installation of TWR.

It is very easy to follow the few steps in the installation manual. To assemble each of the pieces of TWR you need to have the following tools: a drill, 3/8 drill bit, level, screwdriver and the mounting template that comes with instructions.

2. On what type of surface can TWR be installed in?

You can do drywall walls, solid walls or any other flat surface.

3. What are the racks made off?

Its main structure and holders bottles are made from extruded aluminum and anodized high degree of rigidity, which ensures the sustainability of the bottles.

4. What are the dimensions of each rack?

Each rack measures 11 1/4 high x 12 5/8 “wide.

5. How many bottles can be placed in each rack!

In a single rack you place 9 bottles, but the amount will depend on the amount of racks that you connect together. It’s worth mentioning that you are not limited to just putting bottles of wine, you can put other bottles as long as the bottles measured at 2 7/8 and 3 ¼ fit comfortably, and then you can also place a Scottish or bubbly.

6. Is there are limits on how many Racks I can install?

No, “your imagination is the limit.” You can place the racks of your choice and according to the size of the space you will use, you can play with them in vertical, horizontal, one, combining colors and textures.

7. How many colors are available?

Our range contains warm and cool colors, shiny, metallic, and textured. The vinyl wood with its main feature of simplicity and warmth. Blue, green, orange, yellow, red, black, white and solid colors, brushed aluminum with its distinguished elegance and modernity, combined together will make your environment unique.

8. Where can I install my TWR?

TWR can be placed in the social field or in the dining room, at the bar or even can give life to that sad space, inconspicuous that you have and still do not know how to decorate, you can post from a single panel that is 9 bottles, to what your imagination allows, because TWR “your imagination is the limit.” In the case of restaurants, bars, wine cellars, TWR will allow the customer to know at a glance the variety of wines that you have to offer.

9. Shipping Terms

We have warehouses in the US, this allows us to ship within 24 hours while the article is available. For international shipments, contact us via our website to coordinate it.

10. What if my Top Wine Rack is damaged during shipping?

Immediately contact us through our website by entering your serial number, explain the damage and accompany it with photos, we would gladly replace the damaged parts.

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