TWR is a product that gives its environment a perfect combination of decoration and wine storage, your interior spaces will have a modern style, the versatility of each rack allows to play with the combination of colors and textures, the modular rack for storage of Wine can be as great as your wine collection.

TWR measures 11 1/4 “high x 12 5/8” wide. Its main structure and bottle holders are high quality extruded aluminum with a high degree of rigidity, and perfectly anodized that ensures the sustainability of the bottles.

Each rack is versatile, interconnected by its four sides, allowing you to place as many as you wish, “your imagination is the limit”. Its manufacture fits your taste in terms of color and textures, a single piece can have inset panels of different colors and textures if you wish, therefore with TWR there are no limitations, simply adapt it to your wishes and decoration of the space selected by you. (See “Ideas”)

In each rack, you can place 9 standard size bottles, that is, you can place your red, pink, white or other liquors in the simplest and most comfortable way, and at the moment of celebration it will be easy to select it, then … uncork Serve and … cheers!

There is also the possibility of gaining more space, since, when joining a rack with another (if it is horizontal), in the space of union immediately create three new places, to place 3 more bottles, then instead of having alone 9, you will have 12 displayed.

If over time you get bored with the same colors or textures, or you make a new decoration to your environment, you do not need to change the racks, only with renewing the insertion panels of colors or textures will adapt to the new style of your space. The insert panels are sold separately (packages of 4 insertion panels of the same color or texture).

Regardless of the number of rack you want to install, you can do it on drywall, solid walls or any other flat surface.


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