The ideal Solution for wine storage and wall décor.

The ideal Solution for wine storage and wall décor.

The ideal Solution for wine storage and wall décor.

Top Wine Rack

Was born to make your spaces, an attractive, sophisticated and aesthetic site. With a modern and minimalist style, it adapts to the decoration of your  home as a business or office, it is for  demanding people  who only want  quality  items  that bring together not only beauty but utility, which gives TWR an additional benefit because it is two in one.

If you want to make a change somewhere in your house or business … with TWR you will achieve it! The good use of space and elegance combine perfectly, thus giving a wonderful balance that will give life and beauty to that place chosen by you.

A glass of wine is synonymous with sharing, celebrating, friends, moments framed in joy and better than having the bottles exposed in a decorative way and in full view, which will make your guest participate in the selection of wine Tasting, because with TWR the placement of the bottles, exposed in the open, will allow you or your companions to easily choose the wine they want.

TWR is ideal for homes, restaurants, bars, shops specializing in decorative items, it is a useful-decorative element that will take over the conversation of those who observe it; Its design and practicality will make everyone want to have one.


  • Premium quality materials
  • Carefully designed to be installed on walls to save space in your home or business
  • Easy exchange of insert panels
  • Assemble in minutes
  • Endless combinations of colors and textures
  • Designed to make your space an attractive, sophisticated and aesthetic site
  • Modern and minimalist style



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